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All Technomad Turnkey Military PA Systems include a pre-wired Control Rack that includes an amplifier, 5 input mixer (2 mic, 3 line inputs), CD & Tape Player. Also included are a hand-held wired microphone, tripod stands, speaker cables and loudspeakers. Turnkey systems differ primarily in the quantity and range of outdoor speakers.

Turnkey Systems ship ready-to-use: just remove the protective covers, connect power and plug in the loudspeaker cables. You're ready to project audio. You can even connect your own audio devices (like a computer or mp3 player) to the system using the standard inputs - no proprietary adapters needed! Turnkey Military PA Systems are the best choice for simple deployed use and all-around military audio since they can handle everything from voice paging to music playback to siren generation (with optional Warning Tone Generator).

Please choose from the following products:

» Technomad 1023 MilPA.5 Military PA System
» Technomad 1076 Firefly-1
» Technomad 723 MilPA1 Military PA System
» Technomad 724 MilPA3 Military PA System
» Technomad 725 MilPA2 Military PA System
» Technomad 726 MilPA4 Military PA System

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