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Technomad Modular Military PA Systems are building blocks you can use to custom-build a PA system for your special application. While for most applications a Turnkey PA is the best choice, larger facility setups may require the modular approach. If you need to use several PA systems to cover a VERY large area (many square miles), the Modular approach is best. Example: you want to generate audio at a command post and install loudspeaker clusters someplace else. In that situation, you'd use an Audio Source Pack (to generate audio at the Command Post), Link Kits to distribute the audio signal as needed around the base, and several Output Packs (PA systems) to project audio at several locations.

Please choose from the following products:

» Technomad 1024 OutputPack.5
» Technomad 1048 Link Kit - Encoder Only
» Technomad 1145 OutputPack.5 NEMA system
» Technomad 1147 OutputPack1 NEMA system
» Technomad 1154 Link Kit, Twisted Pair Input
» Technomad 1155 Link Kit, Twisted Pair Output
» Technomad 1238 OutputPack2 NEMA system
» Technomad 799 Link Kit - Fiber Optic Transmitter
» Technomad 800 Link Kit - Fiber Optic Receiver
» Technomad 839 Audio Source Pack
» Technomad 843 OutputPack1
» Technomad 846 OutputPack2
» Technomad 847 OutputPack3
» Technomad 848 OutputPack4
» Technomad 910 Link Kit - Wireless, Send / Receive, HIGH GAIN,
» Technomad 911 Link Kit - Wireless Repeater (no audio in/out, just
» Technomad 913 Link Kit - Wireless, Send / Receive, HIGH GAIN, Omni
» Technomad 985 Link Kit - Multi Zone Option
» Technomad 986 Link Kit - Ethernet

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