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Technomad MilPA.5 Military PA System

Product Number:  1023
Manufacturer:       Technomad

External Dimensions (L x W x D):
      19.3 x 22.4 x 22 in
      49.02 x 56.90 x 55.88 cm

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MilPA.5 Military PA System

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Product Features:

This complete Technomad weatherproof military audio system includes everything you need project voice and music up to 400 meters away in a semicircular area. System Includes: 2 x Technomad Abra Weatherproof Loudspeaker s, 2 x 50' 12-Gauge Outdoor Speaker Cable, 1 x C50 Stereo High powered amplifier, 1 x Hardigg ProRack 6U Storage Case for Mixer and Amp, 2 x Tripods, 1 x mixer with multiple Mic & CD inputs , 1 x Switched Dynamic Microphone and Cable, a rack mounted CD/Tape player, All patch cords, assembly, and testing. 120 V AC Powered. Black. Delivered ready-to-use. Ideal for small area outdoor paging, interior paging, combat simulation ,training and ceremonial use, more. WEIGHT: 150 lbs, VOLUME: 17.4 Ft3

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