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MCS Defense STE Phone Case, 5 Phones

Product Number:  MCS-STE-3R
Manufacturer:       MCS Defense
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STE Phone Case, 5 Phones

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Product Features:

• Holds Qty 5 - STE Phones with Handsets and Power Supplies

• Cases Required: KTEB - Qty 4, KTEC Qty 4, KTED Qty 2

• All LMR and Accessory Cases utilize the same case footprint to provide secure stacking on the pallet, while maintaining the smallest overall volume. Modular designs support KTEA, KTEB, KTEC, and KTED configurations

• Custom Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Insert

• Pelican Hardigg Rotomold Case

• Available in Gray, OD Green, or Desert Tan

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